‘A Disgrace! Nadine Dorries in stinging Labour slapdown as BBC licence fee row erupts

Nadine Dorries slams Labour in licence fee debate

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Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has clashed with Labour’s Lucy Powell during a tense debate on the future of BBC funding. Ms Dorries announced this afternoon that the Government is to freeze funding for the BBC for two years. She went on to slam Ms Powell for dismissing the impact of the TV licence fee on struggling families’ finances. 

Ms Dorries told the Shadow Culture Secretary: “The BBC licence fee is not a small amount of money for families who are working hard across the UK struggling to meet to pay that bill or face bailiffs out the door or a court appearance in a magistrate’s court.

“Who are we to say it is a small amount of money, that is a disgrace.

“It is a significant sum it is also regressive.

“Whether you are getting by on a minimum wage or on a multi-million-pound presenters’ salary, you fork out the same amount of money, that is not right. 

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“Only those who haven’t faced hard choices on what they can or can’t afford for their families on a weekly basis would claim that it was a small amount of money.”

Ms Dorries continued: “As a point of principle, we cannot add to that bill at a time when every family is facing pressure on their wallet.”

Turning to her Labour counterpart, Ms Dorries added: “Does she support freezing the licence fee for two years and helping those hard-pressed families?

“Does she support it? Is that a no? is she’s shaking her head? So the honourable lady does not support freezing the licence fee to helo hardpressed families who need every bit of help  in the face of rising global energy costs and rising pressures on inflation, the Honourable lady has declined to help those hard-working families.”


Nadine Dorries talks future of public service broadcasting

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