Andrew Neil launches scorching rebuke of Liz Truss chaos

Andrew Neil takes aim at Liz Truss with opening monologue

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Andrew Neil issued a damning assessment of Liz Truss’ premiership in his opening monologue on his Channel 4 political programme. Mr Neil opened his show this evening by bringing out a paper shredder and claiming that the Prime Minister’s credibility, along with her whole mini-budget, was “for shredding”. This comes as Liz Truss continues to cling onto power in No10, despite reports of a growing Tory backbencher plot to bring her down.

At the start of the Channel 4 show, the veteran broadcaster joked: “I never go anywhere these days without my trusty shredder. There’s just so much to shred.

“Just let me finish here. So, no rises in corporation tax? Yep, that’s definitely for shredding. There we go.

“No spending cuts? Yep. That’s shredded, in fact. What’s this? It’s the whole mini-budget. I might as well just shred that as well.

“Oh yes, the Prime Minister’s credibility? Yep, I reckon that’s for shredding.”

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Following the opening stunt, Mr Neil continued his criticism of the Government by detailing how Ms Truss’ plans have unravelled in recent weeks.

He said: “The Chancellor has gone. Eliminating the top rate of income tax has gone. The 1p cut in the basic rate of income tax is going.

“The promise to freeze corporation tax at its current rate has gone. Absolutely no spending cuts, that’s gone. Ruling out further tax rises has gone.

“It follows from all of that that most of the government’s so-called growth plan has pretty much gone, too.

“Just about the only thing that hasn’t gone is Liz Truss. Nobody was more associated with all these bits of the growth plan than the Prime Minister, not even her former chancellor.

“Why she hasn’t gone too is one of the many mysteries of current politics.”

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Mr Neil ended his attack by questioning Ms Truss’ mandate for her own policies, telling viewers: “It’s unclear where her mandate to do these things comes from.

“Of course, she never had a mandate from the people. She was elected by Tory party members on a prospectus that promised to do the exact opposite of what’s she now doing

“She doesn’t even have a mandate from her own party anymore.

“Which is why an increasing number of Tory MPs are wondering aloud if Liz Truss should be gone too – and, many say, sooner rather than later.”

The new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt was forced to insist that Liz Truss was still in charge of her own government this morning.


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Mr Hunt replaced Kwasi Kwarteng on Friday, after the former chancellor was sacked following financial uncertainty in the wake of last month’s mini-budget.

Speaking to the BBC, the Chancellor urged the party to unite behind Ms Truss amid reports that Tory backbenchers have been talking privately about how to remove the Prime Minister.

Earlier in the programme, former minister Crispin Blunt became the first Conservative MP to call publicly for Ms Truss to go.

He told Mr Neil on Channel 4: “I think the game is up and it’s now a question as to how the succession is managed.

“If there is such a weight of opinion in the parliamentary party that we have to have a change then it will be affected.”


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