Ask a Red Wall MP your burning questions HERE

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Brendan Clarke-Smith will answer questions from Express readers on the latest burning political issues. You can submit your question to the Conservative MP in the comments section at the end of the article.

The Bassetlaw MP was elected in the 2019 general election when Labour’s Red Wall crumbled to Boris Johnson, who won a landslide victory against Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Clarke-Smith overturned a 4,852 Labour majority in his East Midlands seat with the biggest swing in the election to a 14,013 Conservative majority.

As an MP, he has joined the Common Sense Group of Tory backbenchers which campaigns against the woke agenda.

And he is chairman of the Blue Collar Conservatives group which champions working people.

The former teacher has also had roles as a Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office and as children and families minister at the Department for Education.


Now, Mr Clarke-Smith is ready to answer your burning questions.

Does he want the BBC licence fee to be scrapped after an impartiality row erupted over Gary Lineker slamming the Government’s small boats crackdown?

What does he think about the new Illegal Migration Bill to curb Channel crossings?

And how about Rishi Sunak’s new deal with Emmanuel Macron to tackle the issue, which will see the UK hand over almost half a billion pounds to fund a package that will include a new detention centre established in France.

What does Mr Clarke-Smith make of the Prime Minister’s Brexit agreement with the EU on Northern Ireland – which MPs are set to vote on next Wednesday?

Can the Tories hang on to the Red Wall at the next general election now Mr Johnson has been ousted and the party is trailing behind Labour in the polls?

Are the Conservatives doing enough to deliver promises on levelling up the north?

And what is his opinion on measures unveiled by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in his Budget yesterday?

Readers can ask all this and more in the comments section below, with a selection of the questions answered by the Bassetlaw MP in a follow-up article.

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