BBC faces ‘dwindling’ viewers after corporation snubs over-50s with ‘woke’ programming

BBC are ‘chasing the elderly for licence fee’ says campaigner

Calvin Robinson, who heads up the Defund the BBC campaign, told talkRADIO that the BBC’s latest “woke” move was “so disgraceful”. This comes after news that BBC staff will be given a new “language guide” to help them avoid offending viewers and listeners. The BBC’s Director-General Tim Davie said it is “the right thing to do” as part of plans to increase staff diversity and improve the portrayal of under-represented groups on screen.

TalkRADIO host Mark Dolan said: “This language guide will only lead to dwindling viewing figures and listening figures.

“We have seen across broadcast platforms, across the world, including in the US, that the more woke a TV our radio network becomes the fewer viewers or listeners it has.”

Mr Robinson responded: “Just look at their key demographic.

“The BBC’s largest audience is over-50s and they’re the only audience they never cater for.”

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He continued: “They are constantly chasing the younger, more liberal and progressive audience, the metropolitan liberal elite, who don’t even watch the BBC anyway.

“They are on Netflix and YouTube. So the BBC are constantly chasing after these people and leaving behind the people who do watch.

“They are now chasing the elderly for their license fee which they have never had to pay before.

“All of this is so woke, so aggressive, it’s not appropriate. It’s disgraceful.”

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TalkRADIO viewers applauded the BBC criticism, tweeting: “They have no understanding of customers and their income will become less and less as more of us stop paying the licence fee.”

One person said: “I’m surprised that the viewing figures hasn’t crashed through the floor. And it is not only the over 50s are switching off either. BBC is NOT fit for purpose for the last 10 yrs at least.”

Millions of over-75s became liable for paying the TV licence fee this summer in a controversial policy change, although those who get pension credit are exempt.


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Government ministers have repeatedly condemned the BBC’s decision to limit free TV licences to people aged over 75 who receive the Pension Credit benefit as “wrong.”

Silver Voices director Dennis Reed suggested that the BBC bosses have delayed taking legal action against pensioners who refuse to pay the TV licence fee because of the pandemic.

He said: “Even on the BBC’s own best-case figures, 1.26 million over 75s are still refusing to pay their licence fee.

“It is gratifying that the BBC has recognised that harassing these licence refuseniks would be a public relations disaster during the lockdowns and would have serious consequences for the mental health of some vulnerable people.

“We will continue to argue that this enforcement amnesty is extended until the future of free licences can be sorted out between the Government and the BBC in the coming licence negotiations.”

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