BBC host accuses SNP of betraying its own voters in push for ‘independence’

Sturgeon's 2021 campaign was about independence admits MSP

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On Tuesday, Nicola Sturgeon published a paper comparing the UK with other nations which Ms Sturgeon claimed are “wealthier, fairer and happier” than the UK. But The Scottish Government are in a constitutional stalemate over a second independence referendum with the UK Government maintaining their opposition to the idea. Speaking on BBC Scotland’s Sunday Show, Mr Geissler asked SNP’s Angus Robertson: “Let’s start with your mandate. What gives you the right to hold this?

“In the week of the election last year, Nicola Sturgeon said that a voter who liked by and large but didn’t like the idea of independence should still vote for her because she said, ‘I’m focused on getting us through this crisis’.

“That campaign wasn’t about independence but now you’re about to tell me that it was, aren’t you?”

Mr Robertson replied: “Of course it was. It was at the heart of the SNP manifesto and also at the heart of the warnings of the anti-referendum parties who were saying a vote for the SNP was a vote for an independence referendum.

“In the election, we saw the biggest number of MSPs returned, the biggest majority ever committed to an independence referendum.

“I think these are dancing around the issues and calling into question the result is a bit of a futile exercise.

“The facts are the facts. The SNP and Greens won the election and have a majority in Scottish Parliament.

“It’s larger than that which lead the 2014 referendum and frankly, the matter has actually been decided.”

He added: “As democrats we should all agree that when the public makes a decision that there should be a referendum during this parliamentary term than that’s exactly what should happen.”

Debate Night audience member slams SNP ‘mismanagement’

It comes as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused opposition parties of “running scared” of a debate on Scotland’s future.

Ms Sturgeon said they are “running scared” of the facts on independence and the UK’s “abysmal” performance compared to other nations.

She said: “The Tories and Labour have completely failed to engage with that point because they know it is true and because they can see how threadbare the case for continued Westminster rule over Scotland has become.

“They simply have no answer, so instead of engaging in that debate they prefer to engage in the politics of deflection, talking about issues of process when on the issues of substance the sands are shifting beneath their feet.


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“No matter how hard the Westminster parties try and run away from the debate, they cannot dodge reality.

“The people of Scotland have secured a cast-iron democratic mandate to decide their own future – and neither Boris Johnson nor any other UK Prime Minister has the right to block that mandate.”

Ms Sturgeon has hinted that she may seek a vote without a section 30 order – where powers are formally transferred to the Scottish Government to hold a referendum.

“With the publication of this week’s paper, the campaign for an independence referendum has now begun in earnest, and I am determined to deliver the legal, constitutional referendum the people of Scotland have voted for.”

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