Biden sparks Brexit backlash for relentless ‘Britain bashing’ and wading into Ireland row

Joe Biden praises 'selfishness' of US soldiers in speech blunder

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The US President has compared Britain’s attitude towards Ireland to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Speaking in Israel, he said: “My background and the background of my family is Irish American, and we have a long history of – not fundamentally unlike the Palestinian people – with Great Britain and their attitude towards Irish-Catholics over the years, for 400 years.”

GB News asked its followers on Twitter: “Are you offended by the US President’s latest round of Britain bashing?”

Users of the social media platform were quick to express their frustration.

Rick Sence branded Mr Biden a “complete buffoon of a President”, adding: “Don’t get me started on the less than impressive Nancy Pelosi.”

Salva Humanitate joked: “Would be offended if he mattered.”

Ian Stevenson also wrote: “The term ‘Irish Americans’ makes me laugh.

“Most of these couldn’t point to Ireland on a map.

“I was actually in an Irish bar in Vegas and the waitress thought that St Patricks Day was just an American Holiday.”

@BritishAlba said: “We have always known he is anti-British.”

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They added: “He cannot be trusted, which is why we should ignore his criticisms over action on the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

Former British Ambassador to Germany Sir Paul Lever also tweeted: “President Biden has compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians with Britain’s treatment of Irish Catholics. He could also have mentioned, but didn’t, his own country’s treatment of black and native Americans.”

Mr Biden has long referred to his Irish heritage (he is understood to be five-eighths Irish) when discussing UK affairs.

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When asked for a comment by the BBC in 2020, he responded: “The BBC? I’m Irish.”

The President has also taken a firm stance on the ongoing row over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Leading Democrat Nancy Pelosi insisted in May that the Biden administration would reject the possibility of a UK-US free trade deal if the Protocol is torn up.

The House of Representatives Speaker said: “It is deeply concerning that the UK is now seeking to unilaterally discard the Protocol.

“Negotiated agreements like the Protocol preserve the important progress and stability forged by the Good Friday Accords… If the UK chooses to undermine the Good Friday Accords, the Congress cannot and will not support a bilateral free trade agreement with the UK.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib told Express.co.uk American leaders need to “get out of British constitutional matters”.

He added: “As close an ally as it is, the US takes the UK for granted.”

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