Boris Johnson overwhelmingly told to remove House of Lords NOW in poll

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bill faced more turmoil last night after the Prime Minister suffered three defeats in the House of Lords. Peers voted in favour of five amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement. The Prime Minister was urged to remove the House of Lords by more than 18,000 people taking part in the Express.co.uk poll.

The survey, asking “Should Boris Johnson act now to remove the House of Lords?”, was carried out between 2.30pm to 8pm on Janaury 21.

It saw a total of 19,139 people participate in the voting.

Of the people taking part, 95 percent believed Mr Johnson should act now.

One voter claimed the House of Lords was “no longer fit for purpose and needs to be scrapped completely forthwith”.

Another added: “The House of Lords has to have a purpose other than a place of partisan disruption, serving political negativity.”

A poll user commented: “My understanding was that the purpose of the House of Lords was to act as a relatively independent advisor on proposed legislation, not to change or reverse government decisions.

“Since successive governments have packed the House of Lords with new peers, whether deserved or not, the House of Lords has turned into a place that is basically unfit for purpose.”

One voter added: “We need some form of scrutiny, checks and balances, but the system as is isn’t working for us, and the way the Lords are appointed is all wrong.”

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A second said: “Even after the General Election, the clear majority and mandate, these unelected frauds are still trying to stop a real departure from the EU.”

Another claimed: “It clearly doesn’t reflect or represent the UK.”

However the remaining fiver percent of voters said the Prime Minister shouldn’t act now to remove the House of Lords.

There were a total of 913 people who voted no and 129 that weren’t sure.


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A poll voter commented: “Let the country have a people’s vote to decide wether to get rid of them.”

Another also called for “referendum to get rid of the Lords”.

One voter said: “Should the House of Lords be abolished? Probably, but not until its constitutional role has been examined and an alternative has been developed.”

A further added: “A second legislative chamber is required and whilst the current chamber requires significant reform we should be careful as to how and when this is done.

“This is a constitutional matter and should not be rushed into.”

Another voter claimed: “I think this would bit of an over-reaction.

“Their job is to examine proposed law, at times suggest what they see as an improvement, or propose to the House of Commons to think the whole thing over.

“They made a couple of relatively minor suggestions which will in all likelihood voted down.

“In the end it is all a storm in a tea cup.”

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