Boris Johnson’s Government approval rating reaches near TWO-YEAR low

Boris Johnson is ‘shooting himself in foot’ says northern voter

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YouGov, an international data and analytics group, released data this week which indicates the Prime Minister’s approval rating is at its lowest level for nearly two years. In recent months Mr Johnson has received criticism for his handling of both the UK withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Tory ‘sleaze’ scandal.

Figures published for November 15, by YouGov, place Mr Johnson and his Government’s approval rating at 24 percent.

This is nearly the lowest the level has been for two years. According to YouGov research Mr Johnson’s approval rating ranged between 21 and 24 percent in November 2019.

Compared with last May, Mr Johnson was ranked with an approval rating as high as 38 percent.

Participants for the research were asked the full question ‘Do you approve or disapprove of the Government’s record to date?’

So, what’s possibly led to this shift in support for the Prime Minister and his Government?

Below Express.co.uk take a look at some of the potential reasons.

UK withdrawal from Afghanistan

Mr Johnson came in for criticism, in August, over his handling of the British withdrawal from Afghanistan.

During the wind-down of coalition forces in the country, the Taliban staged a rapid advance and re-captured large areas it had originally lost during the past two decades of conflict.

Consequently, an evacuation of Afghan civilians began that lasted for several weeks and led to the UK offering asylum to 15,000 people in August.

Mr Johnson and his government were accused of failing to coordinate an effective and organised withdrawal from the country.

Some – including his predecessor, Theresa May – questioned why a UK presence was not maintained at all.

In August, YouGov found the Government’s approval rating dropped from 30 to 28 percent.

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Tory ‘sleaze’ scandal

In recent weeks the PM has also faced criticism for his handling of the ongoing sleaze scandal, which has engulfed his own party.

Over a fortnight ago Mr Johnson attempted to save ex-Tory MP, Owen Paterson, from suspension after it emerged he had breached lobbying rules.

Following backlash from the public and politicians alike, the Government performed a U-turn and stood down from their efforts to save the MP.

However, they have since been accused of corruption for seeking to overhaul parliamentary standards.

MPs are now expected to vote, in 10 weeks time, on proposals submitted by the PM this week, which relate to politicians working second jobs.

Since the scandal emerged last month, Mr Johnson’s YouGov approval rating has continued to slip, by one percent, to its lowest point for nearly two years.

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