Boris Johnson’s unusual reaction when he got stuck on a zip-wire at the Olympics

In 2012, the eyes of the world were on London as Britain's capital city hosted the Olympic Games.

Back then Boris Johnson was Mayor of London and was heavily involved in the publicity around the athletes and events during that glorious summer of sport.

The Prime Minister's voice was even originally used on public transport annoouncements on the city's Underground and buses.

Boris's voice could be heard booming in train stations, warning visitors about potential issues due to the tens of thousands of visitors to the Games.

However, Transport for London made the decision to pull the announcements amid fears they were "scaremongering", especially as problems weren't as bad as anticipated.

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But that didn't mean Boris wasn't constantly in the spotlight sports men men and women competed in the Olympics.

And when Britain won its forst Gold medal the then Mayor of London was determined to celebrate in the most public way possible.

Rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning raised the spirits of the nation when they won gold in the women's coxless pairs.

As Boris's way of showing his support and celebrating, he decided to take to a zip-wire close to the Olympic Park in east London.

Wearing a blue helmet and clutching two plastic Union flags, one in each hand, Boris was secured into the harness.

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At first, he glided above the heads of the crowd of spectators watching below and all seemed to be going well.

But then the Mayor suddenly came to as juddering halt, dangling over a now growing crowd.

He was about a third of the way from the end of the zip-wire when he just stopped.

Boris at first shouted for a ladder to help him clamber down, and then a rope.

He finally said: "This is great fun but it needs to go faster."

In total the now-PM was stuck, flashing his ankles and trussed up in his safety harness, for about 10 minutes before he was finally able to get down.

And it seems, while he tried to treat it as a joke, Boris was far from happy with what happened.

Kois Miah, a freelance photographer who was there on the day, said: "He tried to play to the crowd but I think he was a bit annoyed."

Even Boris's own staff couldn't turn this mishap into a tragedy for the politician and could only say that he had "survived it".

A spokesman at the time added: "Clearly the judges are likely to mark him down for artistic iterpretation and, unlike Team GB, he won't be bagging any gold medals but he remains unbowed."

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