Boris Johnson’s ‘woke New Labour-type’ Tories pushing traditional Conservatives away

Boris will lose voter support because of wokism says Strafford

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Mr Strafford accused traditional Conservatives of aligning themselves with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “woke, new Labour-type Conservative Government,” putting into question the party’s traditional policies. The conservative chairman also shared his predictions of how the next general election will go. Mr Strafford claimed the majority of Tory voters simply will refuse to vote, as the Tory Party no longer champions traditional values and is alienating long-time voters in the process.

Mr Strafford said: “When I said that the Tory Party will face oblivion at the next general election, it won’t be because Tory Party members and voters have switched to the Labour Party.

“It’s because they just will not vote, they find at the moment that there is no party representing them properly in Parliament that has Conservative values and this is a huge problem.

“And it’s a problem that has been building up for the last 20 years

“And it goes back to I’m afraid to say, David Cameron, manipulating the selection of candidates when he started promoting woke new Labour-type candidates.”

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Mr Strafford added: “They then became MPs and what we have now is a Government that is woke new Labour Conservative type of Government.

“And Conservative people and Conservative voters; Conservative members do not want to see this.

“They want a party that promotes Conservative values.”

Ms Fogarty said: “And when you’re talking about those kinds of as you described.

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“I know the transition in the Tory Party, at the front end of the Tory Party that you’re talking about there.

“What is it that they are bringing to the party that you don’t want?”

Mr Strafford said: “What these woke people have brought to the party is policies like on Net Zero carbon emissions.”

Boris Johnson’s current wife Carrie Johnson has been accused previously of advising him as she previously held the position of Tory advisor.

Although Ms Johnson has previously said in a statement that she plays no role in Government after claims were made against her that she had been interfering with UK Government policies

Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng defended Ms Johnson when asked during an interview on Times Radio.

Mr Kwarteng said:  “The reportage that somehow she’s got undue influence, I don’t think that’s true.

“The Prime Minister has been in politics for 25 years and has a pretty strong set of ideas.”

A spokesperson for Mrs Johnson said: “Yet again Mrs Johnson has been targeted by a brutal briefing campaign against her by enemies of her husband.

“This is just the latest attempt by bitter ex-officials to discredit her.

“She is a private individual who plays no role in government.”

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