Boris made ‘terrible mistake’ nominating his father for knighthood

Boris Johnson made a “terrible mistake” by allegedly lining up his father for a knighthood in his resignation honours list, appalled MPs say. Reports that the former prime minister nominated Stanley Johnson, 82, for the honour have alarmed his former champions.

One Tory MP said such a move reminded them of Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian Communist president, who was notorious for nepotism.

They said: “Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

“Giving a knighthood to your father, it has echoes of Ceausescu, favouring your own family.”

Another senior Conservative MP said: “It’s a terrible mistake. It seems to confirm what Boris’ critics have always said about him.”

The furore comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak won coups for his party and country, by striking a new Brexit deal on Northern Ireland with the EU and launching his plans to halt small boat Channel crossings.

An admirer of Mr Johnson among Tory ranks said that “in a very quiet, British way, Rishi is under-promising and over-delivering”.

They suggested that Mr Sunak will be secure as PM if he can get changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol through Parliament “without too much blood on the carpet” – as it would leave him “in a rather unassailable position”.

Mr Johnson nominated his brother, former minister Jo Johnson, for a peerage when he was prime minister.

He now sits in the Upper House as Lord Johnson of Marylebone.

A spokesman for the ex-PM said: “We cannot comment on honours.”

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