Boris ‘undermines winner of contest’ in one sentence with Labour plan

Boris' withdrawal statement 'undermines winner' says expert

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Boris Johnson has hindered the chances of the Tory leadership winner by suggesting he and only him – as the winner of a landslide victory in 2019 – can pull off a Conservative victory in the next General Election, a political communication expert said. Conservative MPs, who supported the former Prime Minister’s bid for re-election until he pulled out, said he is the only candidate elected by the British people – and should then be reinstated. 

Will Walden, the Executive Director and Chief Counsel to Edelman’s UK, said Mr Johnson’s statement has legitimised the Opposition’s calls for a General Election.

Mr Walden told LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “He [Boris Johnson] blames the majority of Tory MPs who are not supporting him for his inability to bring the party together. 

“But the one thing that really worries me, Nick, is the line where he says he is uniquely placed to avert a General Election – that troubles me. 

“It’s designed – or at least the outcome of it will be – to undermine the winner of this contest by almost explicitly supporting Labour and LibDem’s claims that they need a new leader and a General Election.”

However, Mr Walden emphasised the 2019 landslide victory was secured by the Conservative Party – and not Boris Johnson alone. 

“The mandate is not Boris Johnson’s in 2019. It’s the Tory Party’s. 

“And I don’t think he’s exactly loyal or supportive. 

“If you contrast that with Sunak’s response, when Boris bowed out last night, I think you get the reasons quite clearly stated for why Rishi Sunak will win this contest and why Boris Johnson hasn’t.”

The former Prime Minister announced he pulled out of the race on Sunday, saying in a statement that his nomination would crack open divisions inside the Conservative Party and distract the country from more pressing issues.

But he also added that “because I led our party into a massive election victory less than three years ago (…) I believe I am therefore uniquely placed to avert a general election now.”

The mandate argument, Mr Walden says, could be leveraged by Opposition parties like Labour and LibDem, which have been calling for a General Election since Liz Truss’ chaotic 44-day premiership.

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Rishi Sunak has never been elected by either the British people or the Conservative grassroots, meaning he does not have an electoral mandate. 

Back in the summer, the former Chancellor lost the Tory leadership election to Liz Truss by a thin margin of seven percent among Tory members in an electronic vote, which has since been questioned over its integrity by the National Cyber Security Centre.

With more than 165 voters and Boris Johnson out, Mr Sunak could be the clear winner of this contest, as his rival Penny Mordaunt has so far fewer than 30 supporters with hours to go before the 2 pm deadline. 

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