Boris warned UK must agree EU deal to have Biden’s support on ‘counter-terrorism security’

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Former British Ambassador to the US Sir Nigel Sheinwald argued the UK and US have many overlapping international interests. While speaking on Sky News, Sir Nigel argued Boris Johnson will need to show the US and Joe Biden it is planning to move forward progressively on the international stage post-Brexit. He added, the UK will need to show the US it is committed to the issues Joe Biden cares about like, foreign policy, counter-terrorism and security.

He added the UK would show their dedication to these matters and maintain the support from the US if it strikes a Brexit trade deal with the EU.

Sir Nigel said: “We have got the first tool in our own hands.

“That is getting a deal with Europe, we won’t be the expansive frictionless trade deal that we were all talking about a few years ago but it will be something.

“It will be a basis on which to build a relationship on foreign policy, security and counter-terrorism which are the things that Biden will care about.”

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Sir Nigel also highlighted other areas where the UK and US’s interests overlapped.

He said: “We do have things that we can use.

“The fact is that on the Middle East, China and Russia most of the UK policies are supportive of not only what Biden has been saying but what our European partners are talking about.”

Sir Nigel insisted the UK would need to show that it was dedicated to working well with the European Union after Brexit. 

He said: “I think we have got to get away from the idea that we can build, after Brexit, a foreign policy that ignores the views of our European partners.

“The fact is we are well aligned with them on substance, well-aligned with where Biden will want to take us and we should start working on that more collaborative way again.

“This is rather than the whole time talking about our right to stand out, our right to do things on our own.

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“We all know that we are a sovereign country and we always have been actually.

“Joe Biden will understand that having that sovereignty doesn’t mean we have to stand out alone all the time.

“We should be more collaborative, Joe Biden is an internationalist, pragmatist and he knows us very well over four decades.

“So I think there is a foundation there for a realistic and solid relationship but we have got to sort our own house out first in Europe and the right sort of relationship with the EU.”

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