‘Boycott illegal vote!’ Scots told to defy Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish independence plot

Boris Johnson is ‘scared’ of democracy says Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has vowed to hold a second vote on Scottish independence if the SNP win a majority at the Holyrood election this May. The SNP has outlined an 11-point plan to break up the Union, including a Catalonia-style wildcat vote, if Westminster refuses to grant the Scottish nationalists their wish. Staunch unionist and former Labour MP George Galloway, has warned the SNP the people of Scotland will not turn up the polling station if an illegal referendum takes place.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “We will actively boycott any illegal referendum. All non-voters will be assumed as NO voters.

“No civil servant will be able to facilitate illegality.

“It is a very bad idea. Don’t do it.”

The SNP has said if it wins a parliamentary majority on May 6, it will pass its own bill for a referendum to take place once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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The blueprint says the Westminster Government will either have to agree to a referendum or take legal action.

It adds: “Such a legal challenge would be vigorously opposed by an SNP Scottish government”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson would need to agree to a Section 30 order to make Indyref2 a legitimate vote.

He has repeatedly refused to sanction a second vote regardless of the outcome of the Scottish elections and has insisted the 2014 referendum was a “once in a generation” event.

Speaking this morning, Ms Sturgeon accused the Prime Minister of being “frightened of democracy”.

Her remarks came as the Sunday Times published the results of opinion polls in the four nations of the UK.

It found a majority of voters thought Scotland was likely to be independent in the next 10 years.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the First Minister quoted 18th-century poet Robert Burns during her attack on the Prime Minister.

She said: “It’s Robert Burns’ birthday tomorrow, our annual Burns Day.

“And when I hear Boris Johnson talk about this I bring to mind a Burns poem: ‘Cowerin’ timorous beastie, what a panic’s in thy breastie’.

“He’s frightened of democracy.

“The polls now show that a majority of people in Scotland now want independence.”


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Ms Sturgeon was asked if the SNP had any intention to hold a “home-made Scottish referendum”.

She said: “I want to have a legal referendum, that’s what I’m going to seek the authority of the Scottish people for in May.

“And if they give me that authority that’s what I intend to do.”

A UK Government spokesman said: “Now more than ever, we should be pulling together to strengthen our United Kingdom, instead of trying to separate it.”

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