Brexit Britian leads EU on Ukraine: The graphic that shames Remainers

Johnson discusses sanctions imposed on Russian oligarchs

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There has been repeated criticism levelled at the UK Government for being slower than Brussels in implementing economic measures against Moscow. But away from the rhetoric on social media, in reality, Britain is leading the way.

In total £258.8billion worth of Russian bank assets have been sanctioned by the Government.

In comparison the US has imposed £240billion in measures, with the EU introducing sanctions on £38.8billion of assets.

The figures are a stark contrast to the narrative painted by serial Brexit-bashers who claim the UK is lagging behind our European partners.

Officials say that the devastating impact of sanctions imposed by Britain on Russian banks are hitting the Kremlin harder than measures being imposed on individuals.

They say that while seizing the superyachts of oligarchs may be more visible to the public, sanctions on banks have a deeper impact on Moscow’s finances.

In total the UK has sanctioned 228 individuals, entities and subsidiaries since Russia’s invasion on February 24.

Yesterday Labour’s shadow foreign secretary David Lammy critiqued the UK for failing to keep up with the EU on sanctions.

He said: “The Government’s delays are inexcusable.

“We need to act now against the cronies propping up Putin’s rogue regime.”

Meanwhile, the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesman, Alan Smith MP, said the EU had “set the pace” on sanctions.

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Tory environment minister Lord Goldsmith said: “Some in the UK seem desperate to see the worst in the UK, frantically tweeting nonsense about UK ‘inaction’ on Russia.

“It is the opposite of the truth.

“Ukraine knows how solid our support has been and for how long.

“I’ve seen that for myself meeting Ukrainian reps at the UN Environment Programme this week.”

Lord Goldsmith’s assessment is backed up by polling released earlier this week.

A survey conducted jointly by Cygnal, Gradus, and Response: AI, on March 6-7 found Ukrainians has a more positive view of the uK than any other country or international body polled.

Britain had a net popularity of +56, compared to the EU’s +42.2, and the US’s +33.3.

NATO, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been highly critical of for not implementing a no-fly zone to deter Russian fighter jets, has a net popularity of -16.8.

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