‘Brexit was a loss!’ Verhofstadt admits EU’s desperation for UK to rejoin bloc

Brexit was a 'loss for everybody' says Guy Verhofstadt

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MEP Guy Verhofstadt has argued that Brexit was a “loss for everybody” as the former Belgian Prime Minister declared that the UK and European Union ‘would have been stronger together today’. He went on to tell LBC that the UK would be welcomed back into the bloc in the future by the European Parliament. 

Mr Verhofstadt told LBC: “Brexit could have been totally different if, at a certain moment, Labour and Conservatives were ready to cooperate and to find a way out of Brexit.

“More in the sense of an association agreement, Norwegian style for example, then the cold Brexit we have now and I’m still continuing to think that in a world as we see today, with the aggression of Russia wouldn’t have been stronger today if UK was a part of the EU that I’m pretty sure.

“Brexit was a loss for everybody, for Britain and also for the European Union.

“But okay, we never know what will happen Nike in the future.”

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He added: “There will be in my opinion, a generation of young politicians in the UK, we will say, oh, look, let’s work together let’s enter in European Union and let’s change the European Union for the better.

Mr Ferrari replied: “So part of renew Europe would be for the United Kingdom to renew it’s membership of the European Union.

“Exactly, yeah, that’s, I can tell you I think that 90 percent of the European Parliament and the European politicians would would would like that,” replied the MEP. 

Mr Verhofstadt also voiced support for the European Union to form a “united EU military” amid the war in Ukraine. 

Ukraine: EU needs a 'united military defence' says Verhofstadt

He said: “The war in Ukraine shows very well, the weakness of Europe and the European Union and the lack of unity in certainly in the military.

“Because we have not to forget that Europe is more or less spending 240 Billion Euro a year on military, the Russians 60 Billion euro a year on the military.

“So we are spending four times more but that’s not what you see in reality.

“So there is an enormous duplication inside the European Union. So I think that the European Defence Union as a pillar, a European pillar of NATO would make sense in the future as one of the lessons of this crisis.”


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He added: “Today, NATO is still, in fact, an alliance of nations individual nations and I think it’s clear there’s also the thinking in more and more democratic circles in the United States that we need a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation that’s based on blocks on a North American block on the European bloc, solid European bloc.

“With less duplication with more efficiency and that is, in my opinion, even more important than increasing the so-called military budgets, everybody is talking of the need to increase it to two percent.

“But what does it mean if every military budget in every member state is going up to two percent? You’re still continuing the duplication with more than 100 different military systems

“When the Americans have only 20 or 30 different military systems and equipment.”

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