Brexiteer lists three key benefits of UK’s exit from EU

Brexit ‘will take longer to bring big benefits’ says Davis

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A Brexiteer has highlighted three key benefits of the UK’s departure from the EU. Tory MP David Jones set out the advantages of Brexit after a shock poll suggested a third of Conservative voters think the decision to leave the bloc has created more problems than it solved.

But Mr Jones, who is chair of the European Research Group of Tory backbenchers, said the UK has restored its sovereignty as he warned Brussels is turning into a “federal country”.

He also highlighted the opportunity for Britain to become more “competitive” when it scraps thousands of retained EU laws.

And Mr Jones said Brexit has paved the way for the UK to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade agreement.

He told Express.co.uk: “Brexit has already restored British sovereignty and independence.

“We are no longer a constituent part of an EU that is rapidly developing into a federal country, but a country in our own right: a Parliamentary democracy, able to control our own affairs.

“But there is more to come. When the UK has got rid of the 4,000 or so individual EU laws that we inherited on our departure, we will be able to tailor our regulations to our own needs, giving us a huge competitive advantage.

“The legislation ending the EU ban on gene editing is a prime example of this.

“Our world-class life scientists will be able to develop new, disease-resistant crops, which is currently impossible because of the EU ban on modern agronomic techniques.

“And our accession to the CPTPP – the dynamic Trans-Pacific Partnership – will give our businesses access to the dynamic tiger economies of the Far East, which are rapidly expanding while the EU is contracting.

“Brexit has already been good for Britain, and will deliver even more benefits in the years ahead.”

Mr Jones’s comments come after a poll of 2,000 representative voters on behalf of the campaign group Best for Britain, reported in the Sunday Telegraph, suggested Tory backers are now more like to doubt how Brexit is going than support it.

Some 33 percent of those planning to vote for the Conservatives at the next general election believed Brexit had created more problems than it solved.

Some 22 percent said the UK’s exit from the bloc had solved more problems.

Meanwhile, 32 percent said quitting had neither created nor solved more problems or opportunities.

And 13 percent said they did not know.

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