Brexiteer savages immature EU as UK prepares for no deal due to Brussels’ ‘inflexibility’

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Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick spoke to Sky News’ Kay Burley on the current state of the Brexit trade talks with the EU. Mr Jenrick claimed the EU had been inflexible and not behaved maturely in the trade talks overall. He added, the UK is still prepared to speak to Brussels in order to avoid a no deal, however, the EU must change their position.

If this does not happen, Mr Jenrick claimed the UK would be leaving and trading with the rest of the world on WTO rules.

Mr Jenrick said: “We secured a deal and that deal enabled us to leave the European Union, as we promised, at the end of January.

“We have now spent the rest of this year trying to negotiate a trading arrangement with the EU, one that we would like that is similar to a deal with Canada.

“We haven’t been able to do that thus far, the EU have not shown the flexibility that we would wish them to show.”

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Mr Jenrick argued that the door has been left ajar for more talks but insisted the EU would have to change their stance.

He said: “Unless something changes, unless they are willing to come back to us and show that degree of flexibility and maturity, we will leave at the end of the year and trade on the sort of arrangements that Australia has.

“That is not our preference but it is an acceptable trading relationship and I think it is important we move forward.”

The Government Minister added that the interests of businesses needed to be protected.

He continued: “Businesses need certainty and the country wants to move forward.

“No one wants to delay our exit from the transition period and we have no intention of doing that.”

Ms Burley asked for clarification and asked whether Mr Jenrick was stating the EU had behaved immaturely and potentially childish.

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Mr Jenrick reiterated the Government had been disappointed by the EU’s approach in trade talks as the UK expected more flexibility.

This comes after chief Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost told Michel Barnier not to come to London for more trade deal talks on Friday.

Lord Frost told Mr Barnier there was no basis for continuing talks on Monday unless the EU had a fundamental rethink about their stance.

This followed on from Boris Johnson’s speech on Friday where he instructed businesses to prepare for a no deal Brexit or “Australian solution” to the talks.

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