Britons furious at EU fishing demand: ‘This is about something money can’t buy – FREEDOM!’

Brexit fishing: Expert reveals 'key issues' in EU trade deal

Brexit talks remain deadlocked over the contentious issue of fishing and angry Britons have hit out against the EU’s recent plot for its fisherman to catch just six miles from the UK coast. Express.co.uk readers warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson “enough is enough” and said it was about time he told the EU it was the UK’s “final offer” on fishing.

It comes after it emerged EU officials have asked for access to waters six to 12 miles from Britain’s coast as Brexit talks go down to the wire.

But readers mocked the EU, with one writing: “When will people get it in to their heads THIS ISSUE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE % OF GDP.


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Another posted: “Why is Boris still talking to these idiots?”

One added: “Why on Earth would the UK allow this? What is in it for us? Not like there is even any goodwill left between us anymore!

“Only reason negotiations have gone on for so long is because of the amount of Remainers we have.”

A reader said: “Can you run it past me again Mr. Johnson – WHY you are still talking to these CLOWNS?”

Another commented: “Bless the EU, for they are truly arrogant and thick.”

Others urged Mr Johnson to walk away with no deal.

One posted: “We have told you Boris. Brexit means Brexit and that includes: NO FISH, NO LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, NO TO EU ECJ INTERFERENCE, NO TO EU STATE, AID INTERFERENCE, NO MORE EXTENSIONS, NO MORE ££B’S.


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Another said: “They are having a laugh, six miles. I am sick and tired of all their pathetic demands. After this give them nothing. They are our waters. Enough is enough leave now, with no deal.”

An Express.co.uk reader wrote: “It’s simple. Tell them that they’ve had our FINAL offer on fishing, no more discussions on it.”

Another said: “What will it take for Boris to put a stop to the talks. Enough is enough. Boris owes it to our fishermen to be back in business and make a decent living from the dangerous work they do.”

With less than four weeks left until the UK finally exits the EU’s orbit on December 31, both sides are asking each other to compromise on fishing, state aid and how to resolve any future disputes.

As talks go down to the wire, a senior British government source warned that while a deal was still possible, the prospect of a breakthrough was slipping after the EU pushed for more concessions.

European Council President Charles Michel said the next few days would decide matters and the 27 EU leaders holding a virtual summit on December 10-11 would take a position.

He said: ”The real question is – Which political, economic, social project do they want for their own future?

“And this is a question for the British government and for the British people.”

Fishing contributed just 0.03 percent of British economic output in 2019, but many Brexit supporters see it as a symbol of the regained sovereignty and ay fishing grounds in British waters should be primarily for British fishing crews.

And European fishing vessels fish six times as much in UK waters as British vessels do in EU waters, which means the UK has leverage in the talks. 

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