Britons lash out at EU as Brexit trade talks left in chaos – ‘Barnier can’t negotiate!’

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The EU is refusing to back down over hard-line demands on fishing and rules covering industrial subsidies. Negotiations are expected to continue through this week and beyond.

MEPs passed a deadline claiming EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier must present them with the trade agreement by December 21.

But both sides have failed to come to an agreement in time to the deadline tonight.

Ministers now believe a series of mini-deals could be needed to keep UK-EU trade functioning in the New Year without a deal.

But the British public have hit out over missing the crucial deadline with many accusing the EU of making “unreasonable demands” throughout negotiations.

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One reader said: “This is now looking good for a proper Brexit.

“There will not be now enough time to ratify any deal, hence WTO, and the bonus, that we will not have to pay the £39billion divorcee fee.

“It also means that if they bother to talk next year, we will be an independent state, not their tax slaves.

“That changes a lot.

“Just right now, Brexiteers should be fairly happy, they have a lot to look forward to. Independence.”

Another person said: “Basically Barnier can’t negotiate.

“They made unreasonable demands at the outset and can’t row back from them.

“The Dis united EU members behind the scenes are fighting like rats in a sack.

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“They need to sort themselves out and come back with a different mindset on.”

A third reader said: “Sources close to the discussions said no deal was the most likely outcome with Mr Barnir blocks from allowing Britain to take back control of its fishing grounds.

“Blocked from ALLOWING UK to take back control of its fishing grounds?

“January 1 we are a sovereign coastal state under INTERNATIONAL LAW so nothing they can do apart from cry.”

Someone else urged the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, to “come home”.

They said: “Sir David Frost should just come home.

“No other business would have talked for this long, just tell the EU this is the deal, we are going home, if you’re interested sign it and send it back to me, if not then goodbye and good riddance.”

Another reader added: “If the EU ever seriously wanted a deal, this debacle would have been wrapped up 24 months ago.

“Anyone with a brain cell knows it’s never been about getting a deal, it’s all been about ‘making an example’ of anyone daring to leave the club.

“The only thin is, it’s backfired spectacularly because the UK was never going to be held to ransom once May was ousted.

“The hard fact is, it’s actually the EU currently in self harm mode and they are the ones that in reality desperately needs the deal.”

Someone else simply said: “Walk away w don’t want a deal as the EU will have some hidden agenda that will cost us if we have a deal.”

Negotiations will continue this week.

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