Children’s PM sets sights on AI debate with Sunak at No 10

The Prime Minister of the Children’s Parliament stands proudly outside No10 yesterday before challenging the other PM to a debate about AI.

Harry Acheampong, 11, is worried about how technology will hit our lives and urged Rishi Sunak to talk to him.

The youngster, who attends St Michael’s School, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, said: “All I am asking for is 10 minutes with the Prime Minister at No10 to ask 10 burning questions about artificial intelligence.

“Young people will inherit the future that adults create today and therefore deserve a voice.

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“AI could help us if harnessed properly.

“We seek assurances on key questions from the Prime Minister. Is it true that AI is going to take over and destroy humans? If so, what is the Government going to do to save us?”

Harry handed in a dossier on the issue at No10 yesterday, supported by the web developer Yogi Velagapudi and Baroness Uddin.

They are working on a Children’s Parliament Metaverse.

  • Late Conservative MP Sir David Amess founded the Children’s Parliament.

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