China warning: Britain urged to stand up to Beijing as EU branded ‘delusional and stupid’

China: UK need to ‘stand up’ to ‘bullying’ says Lord Patten

Lord Patten spoke to Sky News Mark Austin and insisted that China was bullying countries and the UK Government should stand up to them. He warned against the EU of striking a trade deal with the communist nation and insisted the country could not be trusted, following their crackdown on Hong Kong protestors. Lord Patten added that China will continue to attempt to silence those who oppose its rule of law and silence those against its way of governing as he dubbed this optimism ludicrous and delusional.

Mark Austin asked: “What can the be done? The British Government can’t really do much.

“The EU is signing investment deals and have got big trade deals with China.

“The US is distracted to say the least, what can be done?”

Lord Patten replied: “The first thing to point out is that we have got now an American President, I hope, in Joe Biden.

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“Joe Biden wants to build a partnership of liberal democracies that will be prepared to stand up to China and will constrain Chinas loutish behaviour.

“China is bullying and we should be standing by Australia and other countries that are bullied by China.”

Lord Patten went on to criticise the EU for their optimism regarding a closer relationship with the communist giant.

He warned that China had proven it is comfortable breaking promises made to other nations in the past.

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He said: “We should be standing up to China, not just over what is happening in Hong Kong but what amounts to genocide in Xinjiang.

“I think it is extraordinary and a spectacular blunder in terms of geostrategy by the European Commission at the moment.

“Talking about this investment and trade deal with China.

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“I think it is a triumph of hope over experience.

“The idea that the Chinese are going to stick to their word on rules of origin, joint ventures and investment today when they haven’t for the last 20 odd years.

“The idea that they will implement the international labour organisation standards, that the European Union says they are going to do, is for the birds.

“There is forced labour in Xinjiang, the idea that you are going to have trade unionists able to ask for more pay and demonstrate is absolutely ludicrous and delusional and particularly stupid of Europe”

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