Columnist fumes at ‘left-wingers’ who brand anyone with other opinion ‘fascists’ in rant

Canadian trucker protests cutting off critical US trade routes

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Tom Slater, editor and columnist for the Spiked website, said it was unnaceptable that Brexiteers, Trump supporters, striking Canadian truckers and the Gilets Jaunes are plastered with such accusations for holding alternative opinions on politics and life. In an epic rant on the Spiked podcast, Mr Slater said enough was enough of the “telling” cancel culture smears from those who attack anyone they do not agree with.

Mr Slater told the podcast: “This is exactly what the elite, which include left-wingers as well…

“Any form of working class people asserting themselves is fascist now!

“In every single instance: you have the Brexit vote, its fascism.”

He also claimed similar accusations are levelled at Trump supporters who are also branded as being “definitely fascists”.

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The Spiked columnist also noted the Gilets Jaunes in France have the same accusations of fascism smeared on them, something he claimed happens “every single time”.

He argued how the Gilets Juanes protests (a group of citizens predominantly from provincial areas who protest regularly against the share of wealth in France and rising fuel prices) offers a conundrum for “left-wingers”.

Mr Slater suggested: “You have this kind of populist uprising… but its route is a clear anti-establishment message.

“But at the same time it exists completely outside of mainstream politics.

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“And also, the left can’t lead it, doesn’t know how to lead it, and also doesn’t want to lead it!”

Mr Slater claimed how the accusations made by the left towards such groups demonstrates how “distant” they are from “any kind of genuine working class power”.

He also went on to accuse the smears of crushing the working class’s “assertion of that power” as he tore into the mindset.

The columnist claimed: “When they see those people who they claim historically to represent…

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“Taking to the streets to defend their rights, their knee jerk reaction is, oh my God, it is Nazi Germany again.”

The columnist added how the reaction is “so telling” about those who make such accusations.

He noted: “Left-wingers see Canadian truckers revolting against the establishment and their first thought is that they must be a bunch of racists.

“It is so telling.”

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