Conservative MP torn apart for refusing to say if cuts are coming

David Dimbleby savages Emily Maitlis over Newsnight 'mistake'

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When speaking to Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Newsnight Richard Holden refused to answer a question about wither the “mistakes” made by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng would result in spending cuts or tax rises.

Ms Derbyshire started by mentioning that new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has spoken about the mistakes made by Liz Truss during her disastrous short lived premiership. However the former Radio 5 Live presenter asked Mr Holden if there would be a “cost” to the public of the mistakes.

She said: “Now Mr Sunak talked about fixing the mistakes of Liz Truss today.

“I wonder if you can be straight with our viewers? Can these mistakes be fixed without a cost to them?”

However Mr Holden gave a evasive answer talking about the economic creditability that Rishi Sunak was bringing to Downing Street.

He said: “I think what we’ve got to now is unite and come together, but yes Rishi is right to point out that mistakes were made.

“I think a lot of the reversals have already happened.

“You’ve seen Jeremy Hunt come in and do a lot of those difficult decisions already.

“We’ll see the full financial statement over the next week or so.

“But what we’ve already seen since Rishi came in and it’s been compounded today is those fall in gilt yields, incredibly important.

“And also that credibility of the pound rising on the financial markets as well.

“The markets are already responding to this very rapidly.”

However Ms Derbyshire hit back arguing that “damage” had already been done and that Liz Truss had made Mr Sunak’s job more difficult.

She asked Mr Holden if viewers would “feel” the pain of cuts or tax rises.

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She said: “But the damage, some damage has been done.

“We had your colleague Mark Harper on the programme last night saying Rishi Sunak’s job is harder because of what Liz Truss did.

“So will viewers feel the pain?”

Mr Hoden again refused to answer and continued to talk about the economic creditability of Mr Sunak and his new team.

He said:” Undoubtedly damage has been done and we’ve got to fix that.

“We’ve got to fix that as quickly as possible.

“It’s exactly what Rishi’s doing tonight and I think with a cabinet that can provide economic creditability it can provide competence and it can provide unity.

“That’s the best thing to do because all of those things actually play with positive feedback with the financial markets.

“When they see instability then you have a bigger problem and then it falls back on itself in the parliamentary party.

“And that’s what Rishi’s been able to address in the last couple of days.”

Following this Ms Derbyshire asked Mr Holden if the Prime Minister and Chancellor were going to pursue tax rises or spending cuts.

After receiving a response from Mr Holden about unity in the Conservative Party she noted that he had refused to answer the question.

She said: “Our audience will note that you have not answered the question about wither the mistakes will be paid for by them.”

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