Conservative Party suspends 14 members over Islamophobia

The Conservative Party has suspended 14 party members from the party over Islamophobic or racist posts made on Facebook .

One man who said he was a Tory party member said he would not vote for Sajid Javid to be leader of the party because he would not vote “for Islam to lead this country.”

Another person who claimed to be a member called for Muslims to be banned from working in the emergency services.

Members also described Muslims as “Mussies” and called for Britain to “get rid of all mosques”.

In a statement, the Conservative Party said: “This Facebook group is in no way affiliated with the Conservative Party and many of the people identified on it are not party members.

“However we have identified some people who are party members and they have been immediately suspended, pending further investigation.

“When we find evidence of members making offensive or inappropriate comments, we consistently take decisive action. Discrimination or abuse of any kind is wrong and will not be tolerated.”

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