Corbyn’s leadership ‘took the p**s’ – Ex-MP’s scathing attack on ‘selfish’ outgoing leader

The Labour Party will announce its next leader on Saturday, as the four-month-long leadership election finally draws to a close. But ahead of the announcement, former Labour MP Phil Wilson has raged about the party’s mistakes, especially under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The former MP, who lost his seat in the 2019 general election, launched a scathing attack on the outgoing leader, accusing Mr Corbyn of being “tasteless, selfish and vain”.

Writing in the New Statesman, Mr Wilson urged the Labour Party to bury Corbynism once it has elected its new leader.

He describes the Corbyn faction of the party as a “cult” and blames it for Labour’s catastrophic election defeat in the 2019 snap vote.

Mr Wilson, who was Labour MP for Sedgefield from 2007-2019, said when Mr Corbyn was elected as Labour’s leader, the party became a joke to many of its core supporters.

He wrote: “We were becoming a joke. When we gave them Corbyn it went beyond a joke.

“They thought we were taking the p**s.

“It’s asking a bit much of the electorate to take the Labour Party seriously, if the Labour Party isn’t prepared to do the same.”

The former MP also claimed the party went under a fundamental shift under Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

He said: “Corbyn brought a worldview alien to the Labour Party. A worldview that belonged on the fringes.

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“With his victory, that worldview became centre stage and all those who lived on the fringes with him found their home centre stage too.

“The doors were flung open to people in their image, creating a dystopian Labour Party, not recognisable to many of its existing members, never mind our supporters.”

Mr Wilson went on to criticise the Corbyn faction and accused them of abandoning the Labour heartlands.

He said: “The cult’s only mission was to take control of the Labour Party.


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“The priority was not the communities we serve, but the cult’s hard-left ambitions.

“It was nothing to do with Labour voters, but all to do with finding a home for their vanity project.

“Tasteless and selfish, their project is on the verge of destroying the Labour Party.”

Mr Wilson has urged the next Labour leader to shift away from Corbynism, describing the outgoing leader and his supporters as “vein, self-centred and narcissistic”.

He said: “The next Labour leader has one task: to break with Corbynism in all its manifestations and fancies.

“The Corbynista world view must be expunged from the Party’s ranks.”

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