Covid-deniers ordered to ‘grow up!’ – Boris Johnson explodes at Covidiots as deaths soar

Boris Johnson: People who say COVID-19 is a hoax must 'grow up'

Boris Johnson has warned coronavirus deniers that they must “grow up” and act “responsibly to protect” the NHS. The Prime Minister had been responding to many concerns among NHS staff regarding people who are claiming hospitals around the country are empty. He also took the opportunity to encourage anyone contacted about the COVID-19 vaccines to go ahead with the process.

The Prime Minister said: “The kind of people who stand outside hospitals and say COVID is a hoax really do need to grow up.

“We’ve heard eloquently from the head of NHS England about the pressure the NHS is under.

“We’ve all got to do our bit responsibly to protect it.

“For a lot of us, that means making sure we stay at home and protect the NHS.”

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He added: “For people who are getting invited to get a vaccine, go and get the jab.”

Sir Simon Stevens, England’s Chief Executive of the NHS, also made his own warnings to those branding the crisis “fake news”.

He said: “Let’s just be completely straightforward about it, when people say that it is a lie.

“If you sneak into a hospital in an empty corridor at 9pm at night and film that particular corridor, and then stick it up on social media and say this proves the hospitals are empty and the whole thing is a hoax, you are responsible for potentially changing behaviour that will kill people.”

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The NHS chief continued: “It is also an insult to the nurse coming home from 12 hours in critical care having worked her guts out under the most demanding and trying of circumstances.

“There is nothing more demoralising than having that kind of nonsense spouted when it is most obviously untrue.

“The media is reporting what is actually going on, that is what people need to be concentrating on.”

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COVID deniers in Essex and the West Midlands had recently been removed by security for taking pictures in empty hospital corridors.

This happened at hospitals where the intensive care unit was at maximum capacity.

Colchester hospital’s Chief Executive Nick Hulme said it “beggared belief”.

The latest national numbers recorded 1,162 new deaths from coronavirus within the last 24 hours.

The number of new positive cases has also been confirmed as 52,618.

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