David Davis warns Tories facing ‘nightmare’ Labour/SNP coalition at GE if Boris hangs on

David Davis warns of 'nightmare' Labour-SNP coalition

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Speaking to GB News on Wednesday, David Davis stressed the 44 Red Wall Conservative MPs must not “patronise” northern voters with continued support of Boris Johnson amid the chaos emanating from Downing Street. He warned how failure to clean up the ongoing partygate chaos, coupled with the spiralling cost of living crisis could be the final nail in the coffin for Conservative voters if Mr Johnson was not routed out of the party immediately, a move which he said could lead to the Tories losing their 75-seat majority.

While in a deeper warning of how critical things have got, he noted how even an ex-Tory minister told him that he wouldn’t “break a sweat” if he woke up tomorrow and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was Prime Minister.

The former Brexit Secretary told the show: “A nightmare is that we wouldn’t lose to Labour, we would lose to a coalition of Labour and SNP.

“The UK risks everything, so it is really serious.”

He went on: “We start from the point of Jeremy Corbyn, whatever you say about Keir Starmer, he may not be great at the dispatch box, but he is not a threat.”

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While in an eyeopening revelation, Mr Davis claimed how a retired Tory minister told him: “If I woke up in the morning an Keir Starmer was Prime Minister, I wouldn’t break into a sweat.”

He warned how such a comment “is very worrying for us, very worrying” as he laid out the dire straits the party have themselves in amid the raft of crises rocking Britain.

Mr Davis went on to warn how it was therefore vital that MPs and ministers “don’t underestimate, don’t patronise the northern voter” with the current crises, especially surrounding the soaring cost of living and the National Insurance hike, which is set to rise by 1.25 percent in April.

He noted: “When I was knocking on this doors, you’re talking about welders, bricklayers, lorry drivers… they may not have two degrees or all these qualifications…

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“But they are just as smart as you and me when it comes to looking at what they are going to have to pay, they can see through bullsh*t just as well as you like!”

He stressed it was therefore vital that in order to retain those key voters who got the party into No10 in 2019, the party must enact policies to give voters an incentive that they can have lower taxes but also be looked after, and be treated “like conventional Tories.”

He said: “They want to have decent services, but they want to have low taxes, when we are talking about all the levelling up stuff, lets use a bit of economic sense while we’re at it!”

At Prime Minister’s Questions last week the Brexiteer called out Boris Johnson for his leadership of the party amid a raft of party allegations where he slammed that the Prime Minister has “sat there too long for all the good you have done” adding “in the name of God, go!”

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It comes as a soaring cost of living crisis is set to send energy bills rocketing in the Spring, with millions of Britons fearing going cold this winter.

This has been compounded by new evidence from ITV News which reported that up to 30 people attended a June 19, 2020 birthday party for Mr Johnson, where wife Carrie and chums sung Happy Birthday and ate cake, despite lockdown rules at the time banning such indoor gatherings.

It comes as Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said her force were now investigating “potential breaches of Covid-19 regulations” as part of a criminal investigation into the bashes.

This will come alongside senior civil servant Sue Gray’s report into potential rule flouting parties which could be released as early as today. According to The Mirror, Sue Gray has reportedly been handed photos of Mr Johnson with wine bottles at one of the parties.

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