EU demands Boris Johnson cave on EU trade deal as deadline looms – ‘Come to your senses!’

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The remarks were made by Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament. The German politician sees a weakened UK after the triumph of Joe Biden in the US general election. He claims that Mr Biden will not be as forthcoming with support for the UK’s Brexit stance and that London should not expect the same assistance from the White House as they received under Mr Trump.

Now Mr Weber has urged Prime Minister Johnson to compromise.

Mr Weber, who is a member of the German conservative Christian Social Union in Bavaria, CSU, expressed his opinion that the UK was now at a disadvantage without backing from a Biden administration.

He said that Mr Johnson has “lost one of his most important allies.”

He added: “Johnson can no longer hope that the US will agree to a free trade agreement with Great Britain as soon as possible.

“On the contrary, Joe Biden wants, like the EU too, first and foremost to maintain peace on the Irish island.

“That is an advantage for the EU because it now has an ally on the other side of the Atlantic.”

The head of the largest group in the European Parliament demanded: “Johnson must make compromises.

“Only then can further harm to the people and the economy in Great Britain and the EU be averted.”

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The issue over the Government’s Internal Markets Bill compromising the Good Friday Agreement has been raised by the Democrats in the US, particularly House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Democrats have stated they would not make a trade deal with the UK if new Brexit arrangements jeopardised the Good Friday Agreement that ensures open borders on the island of Ireland.

It is predicted that Joe Biden will make Ireland his first state visit as US president, according to sources in his campaign team.

If Mr Biden made Ireland his first state visit, it would place pressure on Mr Johnson to shift his hard-line stance in Brexit negotiations.

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Fishing rights are still a major point of contention in the Brexit negotiations.

The EU has insisted they want to keep the existing conditions.

However, the UK wants a Norway-style deal where access is re-negotiated every couple of years.

This would ensure the UK was able to change conditions to favour British fishermen.

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