EU POLL: Should anti-EU forces in France, Italy and Spain form new political party? VOTE

Charles-Henri Gallois says EU is ‘totally useless institution’

From Frexit to Italexit, eurosceptic leaders across the European Union are working hard to follow Britain outside of the Brussels bloc. Anti-EU campaigners in France, Italy and Spain are in talks to draft a joint manifesto and abandon the Brussels project once and for all.

Others before them have succeeded in the fight against EU political powers. Matteo Salvini, Marine Le Pen and Viktor Orban ran a successful joint campaign ahead of the 2019 European elections.

Nigel Farage in the UK also saw his then-new party, Brexit Party, triumph with a whopping 29 seats in the European Parliament.

New forcers are now emerging across the bloc.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Generation Frexit founder Charles-Henri Gallois revealed he is teaming up with Italexit, Espexit and other anti-European Union campaigners in the continent, to launch a joint programme against the Brussels bloc.

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The French politician said he has been in touch with Italexit founder Gianluigi Paragone and Somos España leader Luis Carlos Nogues to launch a “Eurexit platform” and join forces in the fight to allow their respective countries to leave the EU.

Mr Gallois said: “I’m for Frexit but this is not only a Frexit project.

“The conditions to the EU membership have changed a lot since the Maastricht Treaty as it would be quite normal, if you’re a democrat, as the conditions change to consult the people and ask if they still want to stay or not within in the European Union.

“We have this big platform, this big project about a referendum on Frexit just as the British had a referendum on Brexit.”

Asked if he intended teaming up with other European partners after he revealed he has been in touch with Italian Senator Gianluigi Paragone, he said: “Definitely, we have written together, with also a Spanish political party (Somos España), a manifesto.

“We are also talking with other European parties across the continent.

“We are working on a platform, which is eurexit, to have our exit in different countries because we don’t hate other European countries.

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“On the contrary, we love Europe, but we hate the EU. So we are working together to help these countries get out of the EU.

“I think it’s in the interest of each individual country so we will continue to work with our Italian and other friends.”

Express.co.uk contacted Mr Paragone who confirmed his intention to join the project.

He said: “I can confirm, but we are really at the beginning of a long journey.

We are starting the respective internal political paths and immediately afterwards we will face the one of close alliance.”

Mr Nogues, founder of the Somos Espana party which has in its manifesto the promise to take Spain out of the Brussels bloc, also confirmed the joint intentions.

He said: “We are trying to build an eurexit movement.

“We promoted the eurexit manifesto.”

He added others in the Netherlands and Ireland are also getting involved.

Mr Gallois said he believes French people would vote to leave the bloc in a referendum on the EU “as soon as possible”.

The French eurosceptic explained only a referendum would allow for a proper debate on the cons and pros of the European Union.

Presidential elections, as well as European Parliament elections, would not be enough to address the big issue, he argued.

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