Farage names one Tory minister ‘who is a genuine Brexiteer’ – and must remove EU rules

Talk Radio caller: Nigel Farage 'has been sidelined disgracefully'

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The former Brexit Party leader last week answered questions from Express.co.uk readers, focussing on the current state of Britain’s departure from the EU. Asked when, if ever, a “genuine Brexit” is going to be done, he said: “That all depends on the will of the British Government.”

This frank assessment places a heavy burden on the one Cabinet Minister labelled as a “genuine Brexiteer”.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is passionate about Britain leaving the EU, according to Mr Farage, and is now keen to ensure London’s split from Brussels is full.

Mr Farage further complemented the Brexit Opportunities Minister as a “very honest man”.

Asked whether Britain will ever “diverge in meaningful ways” from the EU, he said: “Thus far, we have stayed firmly aligned to EU rules, much to the dismay of many.

“The burden is now upon the shoulders of Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is a genuine Brexiteer and a very honest man.

“I wish Jacob well.”

Mr Rees-Mogg has long been a staunch supporter of, and campaigner for Britain’s exit from the European bloc.

The latest Cabinet reshuffle saw him appointed Brexit Opportunities Minister, a role in which he has expressed his determination to cut EU red tape which continues to burden Britain.

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Mr Rees-Mogg last week made his intentions clear in a visit to the Port of Felixstowe, where he noted: “The opportunities are huge to make this country more efficient.

“We are in control now – there are no more excuses. Regulations are our fault and our responsibility.

“Anything that interrupts disrupts, delays trade is our responsibility.

“As Brexit Opportunities Minister, I want to eat those responsibilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

These are among the areas Mr Farage has spent countless hours since Britons voted to leave the EU almost six years ago insisting more ought to be done.

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The Brexiteer was, however, less positive about Boris Johnson’s stance.

Mr Farage dismissed the Prime Minister as a “metropolitan liberal” who backed Brexit “as a matter of career opportunity – not as a matter of principle”.

Mr Johnson is famously reported to have drafted two articles in 2016 on the eve of his coming down on the side of ‘Leave’, so unsure was he about the benefits of the UK parting from Brussels.

And on many issues tied to the referendum debate, the Tory leader was – and is – not fully committed to the views held by most Britains.

On immigration, for example, Mr Johnson once insisted Britons must “stop moaning about the dam-burst” and has long been a supporter of amnesty for illegal migrants.

Mr Farage said that on the morning victory was announced for Brexiteer, “it was as if [the now-Prime Minister] was completely in shock and felt that he’d done the wrong thing”.

After expressing hope in Mr Rees-Mogg’s determination to shift policy in terms of Brexit, the GB News host stressed: “I continue to keep a close eye on this Government.”

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