Fianna Fáil warns new Confidence and Supply deal 'could take several months'

Renegotiation of a new Confidence and Supply deal – if there is going to be one at all – could take several months, Fianna Fáil has warned.

Stephen Donnelly, the party’s health spokesperson, said the party is not afraid of an election.

“No one can be afraid of an election. You’d be a very peculiar person if you spent your day job in Leinster House and you were afraid of elections,” he said.

“Is Fianna Fáil afraid of an election? No. We’re not actually looking for an election but of course we’re not [afraid]. But what’s the Taoiseach afraid of? Why are they getting nervous when Fianna Fáil ask for more information on what is going on in health and housing?”

Mr Donnelly said the talks could take “several months” and warned “we may or we may continue”.

Responding to criticism from various ministers and the Taoiseach over the length of time taken to date on the review of the deal Mr Donnelly said the party required policy based evidence to evaluate the deal, adding the party would not make “apologies” for that 

“It will take as long as it takes… if that takes several weeks if it goes through and takes several months then so be it. We’ve got to have the detail,” he said.

The dispute over the length of time that the review and renegotiation should take has ramped up in recent days, with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar claiming a new deal could be struck in a weekend if both parties wanted to.

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