Furious Covid clash erupts between Tory MP and JHB over pandemic ‘Make valid points!’

Julia Hartley-Brewer clashes with Ellwood on Covid guidelines

Mr Ellwood stated that the coronavirus pandemic is the biggest crisis the UK has faced since the war. However, Ms Hartley-Brewer argued that excess mortality figures in Britain for this year are not particularly high and compared the Covid crisis to “very bad flu winters” in the UK.

Mr Ellwood said: “This remains the biggest crisis we have faced since the war, it is a dangerous and enduring emergency, we must not forget that.

The talkRADIO host replied: “Yet we do not have particularly excess mortality at this current time.

“We are not seeing anything like the number of people dying from Covid.

“In London, we keep seeing the word surge being used yet the peak was in April.

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“You say it is very bleak indeed if you actually look at the graphs for hospitalisation and deaths for this time of year, it is remarkably similar to any other year.

“Why have we not locked down before or cancelled Christmas before?”

The Conservative MP said: “We have not faced a pandemic on this scale before.”

Ms Hartlye-Brewer interjected: “We have faced very bad flu winters where we have lost tens of thousands of people.”

Matt Hancock reveals discovery of new coronavirus variant

Mr Ellwood responded: “This country has not faced a pandemic in our generation on this scale, let’s make that really clear.

“Cases are still well above what they were in April.”

The talkRADIO host said: “Tobias, we weren’t testing people in April.”

Mr Ellwood replied: “You need to let me finish my point.”

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Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “No, you need to make points which are valid.

“We do not have more people with Covid now than we had in April. That is simply not true.”

London entered Tier 3 restrictions on Wednesday having previously been under Tier 2 measures.

However, restrictions will be eased across the UK during the Christmas period for five days between December 23-27.

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