‘Horrified’ Liz Truss to slash No10 workers as staff ‘balloons’ to jaw-dropping figure

Polling guru John Curtice exposes Liz Truss two-point strategy

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The Foreign Secretary has started planning her bold vision for governing Britain. The Tory leadership frontrunner is understood to have spent yesterday locked away with her closest aides setting out her ideas for No10.

While publicly saying she is “not taking anything for granted”, Ms Truss has started considering the look of her future Cabinet and Downing Street operation if she beats Rishi Sunak.

High among the priorities of the South West Norfolk MP is thought to be the desire to strip back the number of civil servants in No10.

A source said Ms Truss wanted her premiership to be less presidential and she wanted to “empower” her top team to drive forward her Government’s agenda.

With less of a focus on the Prime Minister and more on the Government as a whole, she hopes to unleash the full abilities of the Conservative party.

“You can expect Liz’s No 10 to be slimmed down,” the source told The Sunday Times.

“Liz was mildly horrified to hear No 10 has ballooned to 350-plus people.

“It reflects her desire not to have a presidential-style No10.

“She wants to look at the way the grid works and do fewer announcements but do them better, and empower cabinet ministers to have more ownership of departmental announcements.”

In her desire to be less presidential, Ms Truss has also spoken openly about her plans to put more emphasis on parliamentary discipline and less on the press office.

Ms Truss has already repeatedly spoken about her desire to return the Government whips office to Downing Street.

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She has told Tory activists on the campaign trail that she believes bringing the MPs in charge of parliamentary discipline into the nerve centre of British politics will help restore the trust of the British public.

She has said: “One of the things I would do as Prime Minister is move the whips office back into No12 Downing Street.

“They were moved out of No12 Downing Street by Alistair Campbell and replaced by the press office.

“That shows the priorities of the Blair Government.

“We need to show that parliamentary democracy is what matters to us and that MPs are important and we need that restoration of standards, discipline, but also support.”

Ms Truss’s attention has turned towards what her premiership will look like as polls repeatedly show her beating Mr Sunak.

A YouGov poll last week gave the Foreign Secretary a 38-point lead over her rival.

It suggested 66 percent of members are set to back Ms Truss compared to 34 percent for the former Chancellor.

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