Just Stop Oil activists torn to shreds by GB News guest

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Just Stop Oil have been blasted by a GB News guest who fumed that the environmental group are “ruining people’s lives”. Thomas Skinner fumed that the group were “attacking” the general public with the Celebrity Masterchef star insisted that the activists should protest outside the Chinese Embassy.

He said: “Why are you attacking the general public?

“Listen we’re just trying to go to work earn a living yeah.

“A lot of people are hand to mouth.

“There trying to go to work and you’re stopping them.

“It’s hard times, cost of living. We’re getting no money.

“Why aren’t you sitting outside the Chinese Embassy?

“Why are you affecting the working class people?

“Why you are affecting everyday people who are trying to get a living, it’s not fair.

“You need to stop what you’re doing.”

Gabby Ditton hit back arguing the group had already tried other forms of protest that hadn’t had the desired impact and without the controversial blocking of roads they wouldn’t have been invited by Mr Wootton on his programme.

She said: “Because we’ve tried everything else.

“The reason that Dan has got us on the show today is precisely because we’re on the M25.”

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Mr Wotton blasted back claiming that the activists had been invited on as part of his “balanced” discussion of the “so called” climate emergency.

He said: “Gabby, no it’s not. I have debates about the so called climate emergency all the time.

“I just do it in a balanced way.”

Mr Johnson responded to the criticisms by arguing that the group had targeted the oil industry which was ignored the media.

He said: “We’ve had an action in April and we went straight for the oil industry and the media didn’t cover it at all.”

However, Mr Skinner responded by asking why the activists didn’t attempt to win the support of the general public rather than alienated them.

He said: “Why are you affecting the everyday people?

“Listen everyone knows that we need to do better for the environment.

“Why don’t you get people on board?

“Why are you stopping every single person just trying to pay for their family and keep a roof over their head?

“You are ruining people’s lives. Honestly it is terrible what you are doing.”

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