Just Stop Oil slammed over ‘class war’ waged against working people

Piers Morgan clashes with Just Stop Oil protester

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Just Stop Oil has been slammed over a “class war” waged against working people. The eco activists have been demonstrating in London over the past fortnight, creating major disruption on major roads and busy junctions.

The group, often described as an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, is campaigning for the ending of new licenses for the development and production of fossil fuels in the UK.

Its members have spent the past 11 days locking roads in the capital, holding banners reading “Just Stop Oil” and sparking anger among drivers.

A van driver yesterday barged his way through a group of the protesters after they refused to move out of his way.

Footage captured one female activist asking: “Can you not do this.”

This, according to Spiked Online Chief Political Writer Brendan O’Neill, forms part of a wider theme of class warfare, waged by the eco activists against those who they are preventing from getting on with their days.

He described a Just Stop Oil roadblock in Shaftesbury Avenue which he came across over the weekend.

Mr O’Neill wrote: “It was a battle of the classes.

“Young working-class men in building gear pleaded with the eco-hysterics to let them go home.

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“The protesters, in the pained, paternalistic tones of a headmistress reprimanding a wayward schoolboy, told the men that they were carrying out this protest for their good and for the good of the planet.”

He added that a man responded by calling the activists “f*****g muppets”.

Plenty of footage has emerged over the past fortnight of workers dragging protesters out of roads, of taxi drivers asking activists to move forward and other individuals tearing the signs from their hands.

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Mr O’Neill stressed, however, that it was not just workers who were being disrupted.

He wrote: “Just Stop Oil isn’t only inconveniencing working people, people who are economically and socially productive. They’re also harming the ill and vulnerable.

“Today they blocked both a fire engine and an ambulance.”

The former Spiked Online Editor quoted one man who told activists: “Somebody’s sick, get off the road! Somebody’s unwell, are you guys silly?”

He noted that “with extreme callousness”, a road-blocking protester said back: “If somebody’s sick, they shouldn’t be driving.”

Protests are set to continue again today.

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