Labour leadership contest timetable: The FULL schedule as campaigning begins

Labour leadership candidates have officially come forward as of yesterday, as five MPs have now secured at least 22 nominations to go ahead. Those final five can now set off on their official campaigns, as they hope to bring the Labour Party back to prominence.

Prospective Labour leaders have now come forward as of January 14, as five MPs have received at least 22 nominations to take the role in 2020.

Sir Kier Starmer faces off against Lisa Nancy, Emily Thornberry, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Jess Phillips in the race this year.

The MPs all secured their nominations from within the Labour Party, from other MPs and MEPs.

Several frontrunners will launch their campaigns this week, as a selection of windows open for their prospective supporters.


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Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) met earlier this month to determine the dates of the forthcoming leadership race.

Party officials concluded their new leader would be decided by April 4 this year, after polls open on February 21.

From today, those with a vested interest in the leadership race may register as a supporter, so they can vote on February 21.

Constituency Labour Party (CLP) and affiliate nominations open tomorrow.

Here is the full timetable for this week:

– Today, January 14: Registered supporters window opens (5pm)

– Wednesday, January 15: CLP/affiliate nominations open

– Thursday, January 16: Registered supporters window closes (5pm)

– Friday, January 17: Long-Bailey launches campaign with speech (evening)

– Saturday, January 18: Party hustings in Liverpool (morning)

– Saturday, January 18: Fabian conference with Keir Starmer (10am-5pm)

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Labour’s National Executive Committee set the following dates for the rest of the leadership election cycle:

– 20 January: Deadline for new members and affiliated supporters (5pm)

– 14 February: Nominations from CLPs and affiliates close

– 21 February: Ballot opens

– 2 April: Ballot closes (12pm)

– 4 April: New Labour Party leader announced via special conference

Who could become the next Labour leader?

Currently, Sir Kier Starmer is favourite to become the next Labour leader, having secured 89 MP nominations yesterday.

Behind him by more than 30 votes is Rebecca Long-Bailey, who secured 33 nominations.

Lisa Nancy, Jess Phillips and Emily Thorberry secured 31, 23 and 23 votes respectively.

With the nominations, bookmakers Ladbrokes released the following odds for the next Labour leader:

– Keir Starmer: 4/11

– Rebecca Long-Bailey: 9/2

– Lisa Nandy: 8/1

– Jess Phillips: 25/1

– Emily Thornberry: 50/1

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