Labour MP forced to admit that Sunak’s cabinet is full of ‘talent’

Michael Gove is a 'talented minister' says Luke Pollard

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Labour’s shadow Defence Minister Luke Pollard has acknowledged there is “quality in the cabinet” and praised the likes of Levelling Up secretary Michael Gove as Rishi Sunak’s new team look to deliver the nation from chaos. The opposition MP admitted that while he would “like to see the election of a Labour government”, “there is no denying that Michael Gove is a talented minister”, adding he and other cabinet members will be making decisions which “affect our entire country”. Mr Gove, himself, told reporters later on Wednesday that “boring is back” in an attempt to emphasise the differences between the past six months of Tory infighting and the new regime under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

Mr Pollard said: “As a Labour politician, I would like to see the election of a Labour government. Having said that, as someone who wants our economy back on track, actually bringing in ministers like Michael Gove, who I may disagree with but there’s no denying he is a talented minister, [is a positive]. 

“And, frankly, after the shambles of the last Liz Truss Government, and indeed many of the people that backed Boris Johnson propping up his failing governments for quite some time, we do need quality in the cabinet. 

“The decisions they take, the investments they make, or the cuts they decide, will affect our entire country. 

According to a read-out from a meeting of Rishi Sunak’s first Cabinet, the new Prime Minister “opened Cabinet saying it was an enormous privilege to serve as leader of this great country”. 

The read out added that Mr Sunak had “noted the wide range of experience” gathered in his cabinet. 

It said: “He welcomed ministers who were new to Cabinet while noting the wide range of experience that had been gathered.

“The Prime Minister concluded by saying the Government faced an enormous task but that he remained confident they would deliver for the whole United Kingdom. 

“He said now was the time to get to work and repay the trust of the British people.”

Rishi Sunak, choosing not to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor in Downing Street, Liz Truss, has opted to fill his cabinet with members from all political proclivities within his party. 

The likes of Brexiteer Suella Braverman have been brought in alongside One Nation Tories, such as Jeremy Hunt, and supporters of Boris Johnson, such as James Cleverly, have been retained in step with Mr Sunak’s own loyalists, such as Dominic Raab, who returns to cabinet as Deputy PM and Justice Minister. 

It is hoped that, in doing so, months of Tory infighting will be put to rest and the new Government will be able to tackle national issues without distraction. 

Reflecting this, Levelling up secretary Michael Gove said on Wednesday that “boring is back” during a speech in central London.

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Mr Gove spoke at the London Press Club Awards about how he believed the arrival of Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister would bring to an end the chaos of recent months.

In his speech, he said he was “grateful” for the fact that Mr Sunak on Tuesday stressed “that after 12 months of turbulence, after a rolling news buffet, an all-you-can eat story extravaganza, that boring is back”.

Reflecting on the often non-stop political drama over the last year, he told the room: “Now is the time I think for, certainly on the part of the Government, nerves to settle. For us to get back to the business of Government in a quiet way.”

He would, he joked, apologise to the media for the Government’s “utter determination to try to be as dull as possible”.

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