Liz Truss corrected by Kuenssberg after interest rates claim shot down

Liz Truss and Laura Kuenssberg clash over interest rates

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BBC presenter Laura Kuenssberg challenged Liz Truss to defend her economic agenda during a tense interview in Birmingham on Sunday. Ms Kuenssberg pointed to a graph which showed that the cost of Government borrowing has spiked as a “direct result” of Number 10’s economic interventions. Ms Kuenssberg told the Prime Minister: “That is a spike in the cost of borrowing for the government which feeds through to everybody else as a direct result of the decisions that you announced on September 23.

“This is not about what was going on in the war in Ukraine already. We know that that’s a huge challenge.

“But look at the direct result on that day and the chief economist at the Bank of England…”

Ms Truss interrupted: “That is not the same as interest rates, though Laura, I think the audience should be clear that that’s not the same as interest rates which are rightly set by the independent Bank of England.

“But it is about the cost of government borrowing and that feeds through to so many other things,” replied Ms Kuenssberg.

The Prime Minister’s attempts to defend her position, arguing that the price of government debt was not the same as interest rates, was branded “bizarre” by ITV’s Robert Peston on Twitter. 


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