Liz Truss urged to trigger Article 16 after Frost’s hesitancy ‘Pull the plug!’

Liz Truss admits she would have voted for Brexit in retrospect

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Lord Frost failed to secure a satisfactory deal over the Northern Ireland Protocol and fishing licenses during his 23 months as Chief Negotiator of Task Force Europe. Although Lord Frost threatened to trigger Article 16 on numerous occasions, which would suspend the Brexit deal and force the UK and the EU into emergency talks, he did not follow through on his threats.


Political commentators have questioned Ms Truss’s resolve to push ahead with fearsome negotiations, considering the Foreign Secretary backed the remain vote in 2016.

But David Bannerman, ex-Conservative MEP for the East of England, hinted that Ms Truss would take a hard-line approach to Brexit negotiations and could trigger Article 16.

He said of the appointment: “Don’t expect any weakening of line on Protocol. Article 16 beckons.”

In a poll of 8,715 Express.co.uk readers, a staggering 95 percent said Ms Truss should use her new Brexit powers to trigger Article 16.

One reader, named ‘Edro’, commented: “For Pete’s sake, pull the plug! Boris hasn’t got the bs to do it.”

Jan Carey said: “The Tories are finished it they don’t trigger Article 16 now. It’s what the people want.”

In fact, another poll of 7,548 Express.co.uk readers revealed that 54 percent of voters backed calls for Mr Johnson to stand down as Prime Minister after reportedly preventing Lord Frost from taking serious action against the EU.

Ms Truss embarked on her first negotiation talks with Maros Sefcovic today and emphasised her resolve to push on with Lord Frost’s demands – for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to be removed from Northern Ireland, and for checks on goods to be decreased by more than 80 percent.

After the diplomatic call, Ms Truss said: “We want a constructive relationship with the EU, underpinned by trade and our shared belief in freedom and democracy.

“Resolving the current issues is critical to unleashing that potential.

“The UK position has not changed. We need goods to flow freely between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, end the role of the ECJ as the final arbiter of disputes between us, and resolve other issues.

“We must pick up the pace on talks in the New Year.

“Our preference remains to reach an agreed solution.

“If this does not happen, we remain prepared to trigger Article 16 safeguards to deal with the very real problems faced in Northern Ireland and to protect the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement in all its dimensions.”

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Her warning to the EU was stark and explicit and is sure to tell the British public that she will take a stern approach to negotiations.

But in a poll of 70,30 Express.co.uk readers, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Steve Baker were chosen as eligible candidates for the role of Chief Brexit negotiator.

Do you think Ms Truss is the best person for the job? Let us know in the comments section below.

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