Maybe in 25 years, Brexiteers! Ben Habib lashes out at Boris over trade deal sell-out

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib argued that it could be more than 25 years until the UK truly gets its sovereignty back. While speaking on Brexit Unlocked with Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy, Mr Habib highlighted the multitude of issues he had with Boris Johnson’s current Brexit deal. He added that he was pessimistic the Prime Minister would be able to backtrack out of it to get a clean separation from the European Union.

He said: “We saw David Frost tweeted saying any deal he does will be sovereign compliant.

“But we have already done a deal that undermines our sovereignty.

“So David Frost isn’t starting in a position of nil if you like, he is starting at -10. he has got to make his way back and he has got to do it against the tide

“I am still Pessimistic Ben but I am optimistic that ultimately maybe in the next 25 years, the British people will get this right and we will get our sovereignty back but I don’t think it is going to be in 2020.”

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Mr Habib outlined all the issues Boris Johnson would have to rectify to satisfy Brexiteers.

Mr Habib said: “I can’t see how Boris Johnson unpicks the withdrawal agreement or how he unpicks EU state law applying in Northern Ireland and therefore the United Kingdom.

“I can’t see how he will get rid of the Irish Sea border and how he is going to ensure that we stay out of the level playing field, having promised to sign up to it in the political declaration.

“How is Boris going to stay away from giving the EU fixed quotas on fishing, which by the way we have already offered them, they just weren’t significant enough for Barnier to accept them.

“I can’t see how Boris will sidestep his promise to give the ECJ a special position in the United Kingdom’s legal system going forward.

“I also can’t see how he is going to step away from the promise he made to cooperate in research and industrial development of our military so we can act in an inoperable fashion with the EU.”

Mr Habib reiterated that he did not believe these were things Brexiteers wanted and should not have been promised by the UK Government.

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The Former Brexit Party MEP admitted that Boris Johnson was now in a difficult position.

He said: “Boris has made all these commitments and signed some of them up in legally binding treaties.

“His own MPs are restricting him from escaping these treaties and the House of Lords is up in arms about it.

“I honestly think he is caught between a rock and a hard place.”

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