MP shows terrifying graph from Denmark on Omicron in Commons before crucial vote

Omicron: MP on ‘alarming’ evidence on children from Denmark

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The Liberal Democrat Layla Moran urged the Government to ramp up efforts to decrease the rapid spread of coronavirus this Christmas while holding up a graph that showed the variant’s frightening trajectory in Denmark compared to Delta. Omicron is expected to become the dominant coronavirus variant in Denmark this week, with new daily cases reaching around 10,000, the country’s Serum Institute said on Monday. The institute has detected 3,437 Omicron cases since it was first detected in Denmark on November 22.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Ms Moran said: “The other thing that we see from Denmark is just the sheer shape of the curves.

“I know this is hard to show when we talk but the blue line here is Delta and the red line is Omicron.

“The blue line looks like a gentle slope and the red line looks like a hockey stick.

“That is deeply, deeply alarming.”


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