Nicola Sturgeon slammed for ignoring economic trauma independence will bring to Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon ‘won’t compromise on independence’ says expert

Tony Miklinski told Express.co.uk that Scotland’s First Minister only puts forward the emotional case for Scottish independence but has failed to provide a detailed economic plan. He also predicted that Nicola Sturgeon will walk away from the SNP if she does achieve her independence dream and leave someone else to pick up the pieces.

Mr Miklinski said: “Nicola Sturgeon knows perfectly well the scale of the £8 billion a year that Scotland gets from the UK Government plus the employment from civil service and defence etc.

“The overall financial impact on Scotland would be very significant and none of her papers either SNP produced or otherwise has explained how the economy would function.

“If she was serious about this she would detail all that and she would have a good case to present.

“She does not do that, she relies on the emotional case that enough Scots will romantically, passionately want an independent Scotland come what may.”

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He continued: “So she does not consider alternatives or the best value for money for the Scottish taxpayer.

“She just considers what will independence be and at that point, if she ever gets it, she will say job done and walk away and leave someone else to pick up the pieces.

“She is not open to what a leading politician should be open to, which is compromise.

“She just wants to deliver independence full stop.”

Sturgeon: ‘Clock is ticking’ for SNP leader says Miklinski

Mr Miklinski also stated Ms Sturgeon will not lead the SNP into the next general election in 2024 if her path to Scottish independence is blocked.

The Scottish Conservative suggested the SNP leader will not stick around if it becomes clear she will not be granted another referendum on Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom.

He added that SNP members will grow tired of her approach and look for a more aggressive leader if she continues to fail in her quest to deliver Scottish independence. 

Mr Miklinski said: “I do not think Nicola Sturgeon will stick that long if she does not have a clear path to another independence referendum.


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“That is what she stands for and that is what she has promised the troops.

“If her approach which has been regarded as moderate by many SNP MPs, waiting and biding her time, if it isn’t producing results then I think her own personal interest, as well as the patience of her own party, will strain.

“They will look to find a more aggressive leader who can try to bring about this referendum through some other means.

“Frankly, as long as the Scottish people stand firm and see the common-sense arguments, realise where their self-interest lies, not with independence, then she is not getting what she wants.” 

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