Nigel Farage plans Brexit day party outside Parliament with fireworks and bands

Nigel Farage is planning a Brexit day party outside Parliament to celebrate the UK's departure from the EU on January 31.

The Brexit Party leader plans to charge entry for the celebration, which will reportedly cost in the region of £100,000.

He's promised fireworks, bands and comedians will be a part of the event, which will take place under the banner of Brexit campaign group Leave Means Leave.

Regular readers may be reminded of the last time Brexit campaigners tried to throw a party – 2016's hilarious BPop Live.

For those unfamiliar with this fabulous disaster, Farage was set to headline an event in Birmingham.

Over the course of several months dozens of artists were booked to play the bash – and most pulled out when they found out it was a political event.

The event was eventually cancelled amid threats of legal action from the Electoral Commission.

Among the bands booked for the three attempts to get the event off the ground were two members of 5ive, three members of East 17 and Gwen Dickey from Rose Royce, all of whom pulled out.

The thrilling climax of the concert was to be a full orchestra performing Land of Hope and Glory, as an Elvis impersonator and three quarters of Bucks Fizz sang along.

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"Jan 31 is a moment to celebrate, when the establishment have been beaten by the people," Mr Farage was quoted as saying by The Sunday Telegraph.

"We will invite people from all parties. Business figures will be asked to join the celebration. There will be a few short speeches but they won't be very political.

"It will be celebratory. There will be music and singing. It will be a good-natured, upbeat, optimistic, genuine celebration with no direct political edge whatsoever."

Mr Farage is applying to the Greater London Assembly – which licenses events on Parliament Square – to stage the party, the paper said.

It will be organised under the cross-party Leave Means Leave banner, with between 5,000 and 10,000 members of the public expected to attend, each paying a small ticket price to cover costs.

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