Nigel Farage squirms as he admits ‘knife the pen pushers’ comment was wrong

Nigel Farage squirmed as he admitted his 'knife the pen pushers' comment was wrong.

He admitted he should not have used the phrase but insisted the complaints was just a "distraction".

“It would have been better to have said axe, I should have said we’ll take the axe to Whitehall because that’s a more traditional saying… axe would have been a better term but you could still say to me equally that’s an aggressive phrase.

"Here’s the point, all of this is a massive distraction that is coming from the Remainers who want to halt the democratic process in this country.”

Police opened an investigation after his remark at a  Brexit  Party rally in Wales but it was swiftly closed.

He told the audience: "Once Brexit is done, we will take the knife to the pen pushers in Whitehall."

Alliance Party MEP Naomi Long asked police on  Twitter  if they would be investigating "this clear case of incitement to violence against staff in the civil service".

Gwent Police said in a statement: In a statement police said: "We are aware of the heightened tensions that exist regarding use of language, and take all allegations and concerns from members of the public very seriously.

"However, following a thorough assessment, it is our view that the comments in the video, do not constitute a criminal offence. As such, Gwent Police will not be taking any further action."

Nigel Farage also boasted he could get the PM a majority of 100 if there was a no-deal Brexit pact estimating that it could give the Prime Minister a majority of between 60 and 100 seats.

"If you look at the European elections where a six-week old party won the national polls: look where we scored the highest.

"We scored the highest in the north east of England, we scored the highest in parts of south Wales, we were getting our biggest scores in Labour areas.

"These are parts of the country that the Conservative Party have never won, are not going to win and yet we are the challengers in those seats.

"There is a very grown up way of approaching this and, furthermore in those very marginal constituencies there is polling that says 30% of Labour leave voters would, if I said to them 'hold your nose' , 'vote Conservative in this election' in those marginals I could actually personally help to swing some for Boris.

"I estimate he'd have a majority of 60-100 seats Professor John Curtice says it would certainly be 40 seats.

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