Nigel Farage warns Biden will be ‘very, very bad’ for Brexit as he ‘loves the EU’

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US presidential candidate Joe Biden has been branded as a “very, very bad” potential influence on Brexit by Nigel Farage. The former Brexit Party MEP clashed furiously with Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen on the Late Late Debate, organised by political betting odds comparison site, Guesser.com. Ahead of the election results tonight, Mr Farage claimed that President Trump’s “pro-British” nature would make him a better ally for the UK.

He told viewers: “President Trump’s mum was Scottish, Scottish to her dying day.

“He has a great affection, not just for Scotland, but for the United Kingdom, for the Queen, for the English-speaking world.

“He is the most pro-British President that we have seen for several decades, and he does believe that in his heart.

“But he also crucially is a believer that the nation state run on democratic lines is the right way for the world to operate.”

Mr Farage continued: “Biden is a globalist. Biden loves the European Union.

“Biden was, of course, the Vice President to Obama when he came to the UK and insulted us before the referendum by saying that if we dare voted to be independent, we would go to the back of the line.

“If Biden wins, he won’t fly to London, he’ll fly to Berlin.

“So I do think Biden is very, very bad for Brexit.”

The ‘Next President’ betting market in the UK has tightened in recent days with pro-Trump trends throughout the weekend, according to Guesser.com.

President Trump has shortened into 3/2 (40 percent chance) while Biden remains the favourite at odds of 1/2.

Paddy Power Betfair are reporting almost eight out of every 10 bets they accept are on President Trump.

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Mr Cohen was not as optimistic regarding the incumbent leader’s chances, nor about his potential benefits for the UK.

He shot back at Mr Farage: “President Trump does not care about Scotland, nor his mother’s birthplace unless it’s beneficial to him.

“He doesn’t care about the sand dunes where his golf courses are built.

“Trump does not love the Queen. He has no respect for, or even an understanding of the history of the UK.

“Trump does not care about the UK, one iota.”

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