On Politics: Scandal Splits Top Virginia Democrats

Good Tuesday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today.


Virginia’s turmoil deepened on Monday as Gov. Ralph Northam, struggling with fallout from the revelation of a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page, was indirectly accused of sabotage by his own lieutenant governor. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax suggested the governor’s allies had a hand in unearthing sexual assault claims made against him, to stop him from becoming governor should Mr. Northam resign.

In tonight’s State of the Union speech, which he spent the weekend preparing for, President Trump is expected to announce a national commitment to end the spread of H.I.V. by 2030.

Stacy Abrams, whose unsuccessful run for governor of Georgia attracted much attention, and who will deliver the Democratic rebuttal to the State of the Union, is being courted to run for the Senate in 2020.

Some House Democrats will send pointed messages to Mr. Trump with the guests they bring to his address, including climate scientists and survivors of sexual assault.

Mr. Trump’s legislative path to a border wall has narrowed significantly, and his fallback plan, circumventing Congress by declaring a state of emergency, threatens to splinter his own party.

As the government struggles merely to stay open, Head Start, the preschool program, offers a story of bipartisan progress at odds with a polarizing time.

Mr. Trump has tried to use fear as a prime motivator, with U.S. allies and with Democrats in Congress. It has not worked well for him so far.

Utah officials are moving to roll back the expansion of Medicaid approved by voters in November, and they say they have received encouragement from the Trump administration.


Today’s On Politics briefing was compiled by Isabella Grullón Paz in New York.

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