‘Out of touch!’ Lord Adonis blasted after insisting UK would rejoin EU in fresh referendum

Brexit has been a 'pretty big disaster' says Lord Adonis

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The Labour peer took to Twitter to insist Britain would return to the bloc if given the chance. Lord Adonis tweeted: “It’s clear that if there could be another Brexit referendum, we would Rejoin tomorrow.”

But Lord Adonis sparked a strong reaction from other Twitter users with his claim.

One user, @ChittockGary, replied: “How out of touch can you possibly be.”

Another, @gardenslippers, wrote: “No. I voted Remain but after the spite shown to the UK by the EU, IF there is a next time, which there won’t, I will vote Leave.”

A third, @CrazySparky, said: “Rubbish.”

User @IanDavidWhiteh2 commented: “Keep dreaming.”

A fifth Twitter user, @Janineplenty1, blasted: “No chance.”

One more, @oflynnsocial, said: “They always win the hypothetical votes in their own heads, this lot. Just lose the real ones.”

However, other social media users agreed with Lord Adonis with @salfasanop writing: “I believe that, during the last five years, a second Brexit referendum would have been won by remain, any single day.”

Another, @bpoplectic, added: “We’d have to hope the EU would have us back. It’s not entirely at our discretion to just pick up where we left off.”

Lord Adonis’s tweet comes after he outlined his “step by step” plan for take Britain back into the EU during a fringe event at the Labour Party conference last week.

He said: “Of course we’ve got to look to the future, and of course we’ve got to be realistic.

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“I’m chair of the European Movement, cross-party we should be in favour of electoral reform, in favour of a progressive alliance.

“We need to make the sum more than the parts if we’re going to get this Tory government out, and we also need to be realistic about how we do it.

“Step by step towards rejoin should be our strategy.

“We campaign on the musicians, we campaign on Erasmus, we campaign on the shortage of HGV drivers, we force the Government issue by issue in parliament to change their policy on these things.

“We force them to eat their words, and bit by bit we then come back again.

“And what should our policy at the next election be? With the Liberal Democrats, with the Greens, with all other people of goodwill, it is very very straightforward: rejoin the customs union and rejoin the single market.

“Next step, back into the EU. This isn’t some great impossible thing.”

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