‘People are confused!’ Ed Davey ripped apart on BBC Breakfast over income tax claims

Sir Ed Davey savages Rishi Sunak over 'unfair tax rises'

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Ed Davey was put on the spot over the numbers being thrown about by the Liberal Democrats and Labour regarding the household impact of a rise in National Insurance and income tax. Mr Davey was confronted over the figures which BBC host Sally Nugent argued had left people “confused and a little bit overwhelmed.” 

Mr Davey was asked on BBC Breakfast: “You’re saying that income tax and National Insurance rises believe a typical family £535 a year worse off before VAT.

“Now Labour’s claiming that that figure is actually over £2500, but the OBR estimate is closer to £800 pounds in the year.

“What’s right and can you understand why people are confused and a little bit overwhelmed by all of this?”

The Liberal Democrat leader replied: “Well, sometimes the figures start at different periods so it’s often difficult comparing I get people to a will be a little bit confused. What is not confusing is the fact that conservatives are putting taxes up time and time again.”


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