Piers Morgan’s angry Question Time clash with audience member over Brexit

Piers Morgan got into a heated debate with a Question Time audience member over how to deal with Brexit 'paralysis'.

The fiery debate started after the man asked the BBC panel about a new plan to prorogue (close) parliament , which has recently been proposed in order to push through a no-deal Brexit.

Arguments over leaving the EU dominated this week's programme, which featured Daily Mirror editor Alison Phillips, Piers Morgan and MPs Nicky Morgan, Anneliese Dodds and Drew Hendry as guests.

One audience member asked the panel: "How many of you are prepared to be in a party that is prepared to prorogue parliament?"

Piers answered: "I don’t think we should get to the stage of a constitutional crisis but we are in a bit of a crisis – let’s be quite clear we are already in a crisis this country has been paralysed for three years."

The audience member reacted by pushing his arms out in front of him and recommending that there should be an election to solve the impasse.

However, Piers responded: "We had a referendum."

The man then interrupted the Good Morning Britain presenter and repeated his suggestion that that there should be another election.

Piers barked back: "Well wait a minute, why should we have an election? Why should people be asked to go and vote again if this country simply refuses to enact the result of the referendum?"

The audience member then cut the broadcaster off again, shouting: "Because we are stuck Piers, you said that we’re paralysed, [with] an election you will have a result."

Nicky Morgan earlier said she thought former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab's prorogue plan was 'mad', prompting Question Time host Fiona Bruce to ask whether she had just said Mr Raab was 'mad'.

Ms Morgan clarified that she was referring to the plan – and not the MP.

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